Tips for Sizing Perennials in Transplanting

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Learn how to cut a larger plant into small ones in this free video clip about transplanting irises. View Video Transcript

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I've got it in half here. I'm going to go back to my big saw, and depending on how big you want your clumps to be. You can do them real small. You can see here that if I went down this way I can get a nice little slither. It's like cutting a cake. There's the root system there. There's plenty of it intact, and that's a nice decent little plant. It's what's so great about perennial gardening is you can always share them with your friends and move them around. I want to have a pretty substantial plant still, so I'm just going to take my bread knife again and I'm just going to saw down the middle of this iris because I want a fairly decent size clump for my next planting. That's a good clump there. I've still got plenty of the soil intact. The roots look good. I can break away a little bit of this so that it can knit into the next nice lightweight soil. Here you can see where the original soil mix that the young plant was growing in before it grew into this other heavy mix that we have here. This one's all ready to go to be planted. We've got another one here that we shave down. That would be a good one all ready to go.