Digging a Hole to Plant Salvia

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A hole for a Salvia plant shouldn't be too deep. Learn how to dig a hole for Salvia in this free gardening video about the Salvia plant. View Video Transcript

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You can plant it in dabbled shade or in shade. So I picked this area because it's a native plant and I want it in kind of a native surrounding. And the soil is just right for this plant. So I'll start digging. And when you plant this plant the hole shouldn't be too deep so my ground is a little bit hard, it takes a little bit more effort to do it. So you need to know how deep your hole should be. So you take your spade and measure it about, so it's almost as deep as my spade, not quite. So I need to go a little big deeper. So you see my soil is dry and kind of thin. So let me measure again. Almost there. Now we are coming closer. Alright that's about the size I need.