How to Edge your Front Yard

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Learn how to edge your front yard using either an electric edger or a hoe, in this free lawn care video clip. View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing Man it's early in the morning and we're definately going to start with the front yard and we're going to start edging the front of the house. My preference is to do the edging first just because by the time that I mow the grass, it just seems that I'm done faster. Now, the tools that we need for today is you can have a garden hole, this one right here. Normally with a garden hole, yeah it's going to be a little more work and what's going to happen when you start doing the edgings of the side between the sidewalk and the grass. You're going to have a space between 1 and 2 inches, so some people like to have that edging separation between the concrete and the grass, so you can do that. When it comes to the electric trimmer, yeah you're going to do your job much faster, but what's going to happen when you do the edging the grass is just going to be even with the concrete, that's basically what's going to happen there. Now an aligate, you can even go to those home improvement centers and you can rent what they refer to as the edging machine. Now what's going to happen and going to do is first of all it has a little blade. Now that little blade, you're going to put it next to the concrete and its got a divider, you're just going to push and its going to do all the work for you. It's going to be just much faster and at the same time it's probably going to create a small little gap about 1 inch I would say. So that's basically the options that you have. It's just the matter of what your preference is. Now, let me guide you and show you the two ways with a garden hole and the electric trimmer right here. Now, with the electric trimmer always safety first, remember the electric cord has got to be behind you. We don't want no injuries or accidents to occur. Another thing that you need to remember is you have to keep your space, your feet needs to be away from electric trimmer and always work forward, forward and safety first. Well now that I showed you how to do the edging with the electric trimmer, our next step is how do we do it with our garden hole? Well get a hold of your garden hole, we're going to work with this little pointed area and always work backwards towards you. So let's do it right now, just apply pressure, there we go this is fun. We're going to give it about 1 to 2 inches separation between the concrete and the grass. Look at that, you can see the separation already, it's a little more manageable. You know what? It's a challenge and it's great! Good exercise and don't forget drink water, plenty of fluids especially when it's hot. There we go, it looks pretty good actually, just pull out some with your hand if needed. Once you mow it you're going to see that separation definitely. That is beautiful and this is how we edge the front yard.