Why are Hedges Pruned?

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The main reason that hedges get pruned is to give them a shape and keep them from looking scraggly and ugly. Help hedges look healthier by getting rid of dead branches with tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about why are hedges pruned. Now this big hedge between our neighbors and our house has probably been here for fifty years. And it hasn't really been maintained as you can tell. It's just kind of gone wild. So that's number one reason that you should prune your hedges, it's just so that they look better and that they're even. So the top isn't just wild looking and there's no structure to it. It should be a straight line. So you could just go through and trim it down and make it straight and square, and it would look much tidier. And then there's all these weeds that have brown into the hedges too. So just by pruning and cleaning it up, it makes it look so much better. And so the goal is to have a uniform hedge, you want to make a wall out of the hedge. And so by pruning it, you're just making it so it doesn't look like a Medusa and have all these arms coming out everywhere like these do. And so there's lots of good reasons that you should prune your hedges. And just so that they look better, plus they seem to be healthier. If you go in and cut out some of the dead branches and cut out some of the branches that are coming in not evenly, or just cutting it back one third every year too. Just so that it can fill in lush the next year with new growth. Because if you never prune your hedges you don't get new growth on them. And it's the new growth that's the most lush foliage. So just prune your hedges back, just a little bit, not more than one third of the time ever, each year, because you don't want to kill your hedges. But just by pruning them back a little bit you're giving them room to grow. And it'll give them lots of energy too, and a little more sunlight so that the inner plant will get more sunlight and then the foliage inside towards the center of the hedge will grow in much more lush and full the next year.