Learn the Taste of White Heirloom tomatoes

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The smoky flavor of white heirloom tomatoes make them either loved or hated. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Next, in our bag, is white. This is a White Beauty, large, white, ripe, they have a very, very low acid, it has an earthy, smokey flavor to it. Some people either really like these or they don't like them at all, so you'll have to decide. Very attractive though. Put this on the plate. I also have a Snow White, A Super Snow White, good ole sweet jewels. Now, we have a garden peach, has a slight fuzz to it just like a peach, and when it's fully, fully ripe it will develop a red peach blush to it, these are a nice breakfast tomato, with toast, a slice of cheese, on an omelet, very low acid, very delicate flavor. Takes very well to whatever you do to it, whether it's salad dressing you put on it. These are the favorite of the chefs we sell to.