Avoiding Common Problems with Bonsai Trees

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I’d like to talk a little bit about the common problems we experience with bonsai. The bonsai are, for all that’s good or right, are trees. They’re subject to all of the diseases and insects that trees are subject to in the natural environment. We add a few problems to that by taking our bonsai trees indoors when they’re actually intended to be outdoor trees and vice versa, we leave our tropical trees outdoors in the frost in the winter and find out that they are dead in the spring. It’s important to know your trees environmental characteristics: where did the tree come from? What kind of environment does the tree have in its natural habitat? Is it desert? Is it tropical rainforest? Is it prairie? What kind of environment is it? Then you know what you have to try and provide for your tree in your home environment. For the most part, the trees that we most commonly see that have the most problem are trees that are intended to be outdoor trees that people have brought indoors to enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with the intention of bringing the tree in but the fact of the matter is the tree would not tolerate an indoor environment for a long period of time. Another common problem is that bonsai trees need to be watered thoroughly but they also need to be drained. In other words, the excess water needs to be allowed to drain off. The failure to do that on a regular daily basis is probably the most common for of bonsai death.