Digging a Blueberry Bush Hole

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It's important to dig a nice hole in order to plant your blueberries. Learn some techniques for digging a blueberry bush hole from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright, now that we're going to dig the hole today, and you can see there's a little yellow peg there and I've measured off ten feet from my other row of blueberries, and we're going to pull this off and dig the hole. First what we want to do is we're going to peel the grass off. We're going to use this bag here. We don't want to lose that soil because we're going to use every bit of this when we put it back together. And we'll dig that up, right like that and get this last one off here, right there. Now we're going to start digging up this soil here. We want to keep these all separate because that. So first we're going to take of this right here and do a layer here and, oh, what do we find here? I see something down in here. There's a little, some rock here, but this one here looks like a little Indian artifact, which Tennessee is riddled with. So we're going to keep that. We like those Indian artifacts. So we're going to continue to dig. Now we're going to take this last soil here. Get it out of the hole. As you can see I'm kind of keeping these piles separate over here on this. And I believe that hole is done. There we go.