Using a Chipper Shredder

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Operate a chipper shredder safely when mulching. Easily chip wood with tips from a landscaper in this free video on chipper shredders. View Video Transcript

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So here you have the possibility to look inside this kind of chipper shredder. And you see here there's still some of the mulch is sticking here. And you look here it has four knives, and you see the knives here they are on this part they are very sharp. And when the material comes in here and this thing is turning then it cuts chip by chip off the wood that's coming in here. So you should be very careful with your hands, if the hand the finger would come in here it would cut as fast as wood chip. So, and this thing here is solid metal and weighs over two hundred and fifty pounds. Because with a spin it's able to cut even logs up to eight inches. Because there's a lot of physical power in a wheel spinning with over two thousand pounds per minute. And each of these knives comes down there and cuts the wood in pieces. And because of these air handlers here, there's a wind produced that goes in there, goes around, and then blows like a you saw before, blows the material the cut material out of the chimney and blows it in the direction you want to have it. So that will be the movement but much faster when the thing is running. And normally after five to ten hours, it depends on how hot your wood is you just open the screws, you remove this knife here that's a two bladed knife so you can one times, just turn it around and use it on the other side. But when both sides are not sharp any more I use a little grinder, and grind the edges again until they are sharp. And we use this now for ten years and that's still my first knives. So you see that I grind it off maybe a quarter of an inch, because in the beginning it was a little bit wider. But I can use it for another many years, five to ten years before I need new knives.