Planting Spring Gardens: Companion-Cropping Onions

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When transplanting onions to a spring garden, start with very small bulbs and pair the crop with companion plants. Learn how to companion crop onions in this free video on gardening and farming from a professional organic gardener. View Video Transcript

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OKay, we're back at it with the onions now. These are the onions that we grew from discarded scallions. Wilted, discarded scallions which have now gown into our very robust spring transplants and I'm going to lay them in a track out front of this bed here, just about as deep as I can get them. Sometimes I'll even bend them over just to get them in deeper. And, when you grow a transplant of this size you're really bound to do a lot better than starting out with some little bitty thing. So, we love getting our transplants up to size and it gives us a tremendous jump in the early spring. So, you can see we don't waste a lot of time fussing them in, as long as it's in deep and it's standing upright. Once the water comes back, they'll root and they'll be off to the races. These guys are heavy feeders, but I can come back and hit them with liquid fertilizer or side dressing at any point that I choose. Mulch them in, boom, boom, done.