Mulching When Transplanting Hostas

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Learn how to mulch when transplanting hostas in this free online instructional gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Okay I have some nice Canadian hemlock mulch here which has been shredded twice. It is a nice brown color and this will add to some organic matter to the plant but it will also help reduce water loss after the plant is watered in. I like to use it to mulch in also for winter protection. This will just kind of make a nice bed around the plant. You want about a 2 inch layer of mulch and don't be afraid to get it up right there. The plant next spring will push right through this mulch. It won't have any affect on it whatsoever so don't feel like you are hurting it in any way by actually getting it down a little bit and around the crown. That looks like a good base of the mulch and here again this will reduce water loss and keep it warm for the winter time.