Buying Silk Flowers in Bulk

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When buying silk flowers in bulk, search the Internet for reputable companies that offer wholesale pricing, and always order samples before making a large order. Find bulk silk flowers online with information from a sustainable gardener in this free... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk all about buying silk flowers in bulk. Well, there's lots of companies out there that sell silk flowers, and if you've got a large wedding or a large party or you have a large house to decorate and you want to buy them in bulk, it gets pretty spendy when you buy them by the stem. And most websites, you'll find, will buy them...or buy one stem or you go to the floral shop and it's seven dollars for one little stem. And that adds up quickly. But if you do a little research, you'll find out that you can buy them in bulk very easily and at a very good price. so the first thing that I do is to search on the Internet and search for just bulk wholesale. Remember the word wholesale because that's usually where florists buy their silk flowers. And you can go right online and find out which companies sell them in bulk amounts by wholesale. And I always watch out for fly by night companies because there's a lot of companies on the Internet that come and go quickly and there's not many references. So I just look and see which companies are on the Internet and then search the name of that company again. And if there's lots of references to that company and you can see that it's been in business for a while or there's different companies that link to it or there's any testimonies that say this is a good company, you can be assured that this is a...actually a real company. And if it's a company that only has one or two references to it on the Internet, then it might not be a very established company. You might not know that it is a good company to work with. And another trick is if you're buying bulk amounts -- I've done this as well -- you look at the picture and it'll look like a beautiful plant and you'll order it, and you'll get it in and it's just this wimpy really disgusting-looking silk flower that doesn't look real in any way and you've ordered a thousand of them and you don't want them. So always do your research and only maybe buy one at a time. Call the company up and say you'd like a sample -- "Can I buy just one of it?" -- so you can see exactly what your silk flower's going to look like because you don't want to buy a thousand of the same plant and then get it and realize it's not really what you wanted. But if you order one, you're not risking as much money. And if it's just the silk flower that you want, then you can order in bulk after that, being reassured that you know that it's the right silk flower that you want for your event or for your party or wherever you're going to use it. So there's a lot of international companies, too, but it's very difficult to buy from companies that are not in your country or your area. So try to buy locally and try to support local businesses, and do your research, and you'll find that you can buy silk flowers in bulk and be very satisfied.