Fruit & Vegetable Storage

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Fruits and vegetables that don't need to be refrigerated can be kept in hanging baskets to save space. Learn how to organize and store fruits and vegetables in your kitchen with expert tips in this free home organization video. View Video Transcript

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Other spaces that I'm utilizing for food storage are this basket that I, that we added, hanging from the ceiling. And I keep, I keep potatoes and sweet potatoes and squash and vegetables that don't need to be in the refrigerator in this basket, as well as garlic and ginger, things, things of that nature. That's what I have chosen to put in this basket. It would also be a fine place for fruit. A lot of people use these baskets for fruit, or even, even some kind of utensil or maybe your napkins or your dish towels, your, your hand towels, any of those things, this basket would be great for that. I've just chosen it to use as food storage, a food storage space because again I don't, I don't have a pantry. I also have over over on the bar, a bowl that is a decorative bowl that I'm using as a fruit bowl. And so that's where I keep most of my fruit if it doesn't need to be refrigerated. And it's a good chance to use a decorative bowl and to have fruit in a place where you'll want to eat it.