How to Water Houseplants

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To water houseplants, allow the plants to soak of plenty of water, either in the shower or a sink, and then let them dry out thoroughly. Be sure to keep houseplants in a location with lots of sun or artificial light, using suggestions from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to water house plants. Now house plants come in many shapes and sizes and any plant that can grow outside can grow inside so any plant can be a house plant but my main considerations when I grow a house plant is location, location, location, location. Plants really need to have sun so if you have got a really dark house you need to have artificial light. Plants like chrysanthemums make great house plants too and they will bloom for a long period of time and then they will die back after a certain period of time. They won't bloom, but all you do is just pinch off the blooms as they are done blooming and they should keep blooming and if they do die back I just chop them to the ground and then they will grow lush greenery again so they are really easy to grow as a house plant but even things like violets you can grow as a house plant and they are really really cute and the trick too is give them enough sun. They need artificial light if it is too shady and a sunny window or a morning sun window works better than the late afternoon sun too because you don't want to have a window that is just blazing hot in the Summer and hitting your plants so it is going to dry them out and just fry them. So kind of watch your plants and see how they are doing great in one location leave them there. My trick with plants is if they are green and lush leave it be and if they are brown in any way cut the brown part out and a lot of times they will grow back. Never let them sit in water. They want to be watered but they never want to sit in water. So just run it in the sink in a bowl and let it soak up a bunch of water, take the bowl away, let it drain off all the water so that there is no water dripping. Put it on a plate, the best way you can take care of your plants and that way you never have water sitting right underneath, take them out of the plastic and let them breath. If you have got large house plants or if you just want to make an easy way that I have found that works really well is grow all throw all your plants in the bathtub and put the water on luke warm and you put it on a misting shower head or not too rough of a shower head but most of the time plants can take it and just give them a shower, do it once a month or once every two months and make sure all the water drains out completely and that way you let them get pretty dry before you water them again and more water in the Summer than in the Winter let them kind of dry out in the Winter and you will have so much success with your house plants.