Organic Lettuce Seed Planting

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Organic Lettuce Seed Planting - Provided by eHow
There are several methods for planting seeds in an organic lettuce garden bed. Learn a few techniques for planting seeds from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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O.K. today we're planting green Grand Rapids lettuce, and there's several methods that you can use in planting lettuce. One is that you can plant them in rows using the stick, very simple; you cut your rows in. Like so! Then you just take it and sprinkle them in. If you get too many they come up you can always thin them out, and you plant them in their rows. Just sprinkle them lightly each row. Then were going to kind of spread it around in that row. We don't really have to cover up these seeds. The other method of planting the lettuce seeds is you can put them in you hand and do the scatter method, where we just scatter them around. Like so, and again they come in too thick as you're picking the lettuce you can thin it out.