Tips for Finding Ideas When Visiting Other Gardens

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Hi! My name is Allen Watts from Anything Grows, a store for gardeners in Stratford, Ontario. On behalf of, I am happy to speak to you about tips for new gardeners and specifically today to an easy way to learn a lot about plants and gardens is to visit as many different gardens and garden centers, garden tours as you can. Starting perhaps with gardens whether is a garden tour or a public garden, French yard gardens are very popular perhaps in your neighborhood or your neighboring town, it is a great way to learn and then to begin to appreciate what you start to like and don't like about different designs or styles that you are seeing. Garden tours especially not only support local horticultural society or organization, but it is great to see someone's personal space designed and done to the stage where they are actually done on a garden tour because that would be something that you would be looking at for something well down the road. It gives you a very good idea of what a finished product can look like in a home, residential setting. Garden centers also offer a lot of potential to learn easily about plants, what different plants look like. They are usually presenting their plants at a stage where they are very attractive and healthy specimen and that helps you with respect to their placement and sort of down the road for the design you might have for certain different plants you like or don't like. Again, making lists when you are visiting the garden centers of likes and dislikes will help you down the road. Also garden stores, other garden sources, garden art may be something that is important to you to be considering that you would incorporate into a garden space or garden design. So to visit as much as you can, it is all for free and make notes that you know better what helps to begin to define your style.