Organizing Under Your Sink by Priority

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It's easy for cleaning supplies and dish soap to all get cluttered under the sink, learn an easy way to organize the area in this free home cleaning video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I’m Katrina Cameron and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to organize that dreaded under the sink area that we keep all of our cleaning supplies in the kitchen. So the best idea to organize all these items is to get a mix match of containers and caddies that fit according to the space that you have allowed to organize and then you can do it by category. I have these smaller caddies that I like because then if you have a housekeeper or if you’re cleaning your house yourself you can take them to the right spots in your home and they’re really easy to carry. A lot of times we have deep storage too so we like to stack the containers. Products that you wouldn’t use so much we put in the back. I like to keep a little Dustbuster on hand. We have gardening gloves and things that you might use outside of not so often would go the back. Bleaching, cleaning and soapy supplies can all go together. Your dishwashing soap goes in the front category. Then we have a lazy Susan here that I like to use for all of the items that you use most often. Things to clean your counters, other dishwashing soap and doing the floors too, so that you can reach underneath your kitchen seek and pull out that all purpose spray or that window cleaning product as you need it.