Dry Food Storage

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Using glass containers to store dry foods is a great way to keep organized and save space. Learn how to organize and store dry foods in your kitchen with expert tips in this free home organization video. View Video Transcript

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This section is about organizing your food and we're mostly going to talk about organizing your dry goods, because your fresh fruits are going to go in the refrigerator, and most kitchens have a refrigerator. But a lot of kitchens, especially smaller kitchens and in apartments don't have pantry space and my kitchen has no pantry and as we've seen very little storage. So I've had to create my own spaces to, to keep my dry goods. So we'll talk about how you can create those spaces and and then how you can store your food in containers and how you can put those containers in the spaces you've created. So my dry goods, I mostly keep in these glass containers, and which I've found at mostly at estates sales and garage sales. And, and I'm going to place these on this pantry, this pseudo pantry space that I've created here in this, in these shelving, in this little rolling cart. So obviously the only place where this one will go is on top here. And there are a few others that are big like that, that will only fit on the top. So this is really just kind of a puzzle game. And I, I do this mostly based on, you know how often I'm using the things again, so, let's see there we go. And then the mum beams can do down on the second, the second shelf. And popcorn and some beans and my oatmeal and and then I have, have these things in boxes that I also am keeping over here with the dry goods.