People to Inform About Moving

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Inform your doctors and lawyers about your new address change. Learn about other people and companies to contact before moving with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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There are lots of different people that you're going to want to inform about your change of address. And, so any professionals that you have and use, like doctors, lawyers, accountants, therapists, anybody that you go and see on a regular basis. You're going to want to inform them of your address change. Also, you know, your bank, your insurance companies, your credit card companies, those places are obviously going to need to know about your change of address. Your other organizations that you're involved in. You might want to think about those. Any volunteer organizations. Your church, your alma mater, those are all places that you would want to inform about your change of address. Also any services that you have at your new house. Like your newspaper service, any lawn service, pest control services. Those are all places that you're going to want to inform about your move and cancel your services if need be or transfer your service. So, one thing that I like to do is that as those things come in the mail as bills and notices come in the mail in the month or two before my move, I will contact those people and let them know. Or at least inform them of the date that I'm moving and get their advice on when I should call them back. You know, in case they'll be sending me another bill in that time or what not. And also, along the same line, and a way to make sure that you've covered all your bases, is to inform the post office of your address change. And you can do that online or you can do it in person at a post office in the town you live in. And another good thing to do is if you have a Realtor, then you can check with him or her about getting a list of people that you need to inform about your change of address. That's usually something that he or she will have, and it allows you, you know, a good way just to make sure that you're covering all your bases and to, you know, check off those people as you go.