Benefits of Owning Chipper Shredders

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Buy a chipper shredder to save money on mulch and clearing brush for years to come. Find out more about wood chippers from a landscaper in this free video on chipper shredder equipment. View Video Transcript

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This thing runs on a tractor and a chipper shredder like this uses thirty horse powers. That its able to cut like you saw it, to cut really bigger trees and bigger branches. You can buy at the Home Depot or at a store you can buy a smaller chipper shredder. They look most of the time more on the round and you put them on the top in there. We had one of these and started with it, the problem is that, really the size that you can put in there is much smaller. So in a ten horse power chipper shredder you can put in the size, maybe, of a thumb that can handle it. But then it’s bigger than the thing gets clogged up and stands still. So if you have a bigger property then, really you want to have some chipper shredder that's able to handle bigger wood. When you only have a small yard it’s wonderful to have the small ones. The small ones give you the same nice mulch, like you see here. Even a little bit finer, more grounded, but it’s really the question of how much money you want to spend. A small one you can buy for six hundred to nine hundred dollars at a store in your town. They last about eight to ten years. When you look at a chipper shredder like this for thirty horse power then you talk about five thousand dollars. So that's a difference, but the life span is really close to your life span. I think you can never wear one down like this. And your tractor you have normally so you don't buy it separately. You have the tractor and you just buy the chipper shredder for it. And look for one that's really tough like you see it when you touch it that everything is really not made out of thin tins or its steel is a heavy duty wheel in there. The knife should be really solid, that it can handle tough wood. But you will like it and you will save, after spending money, you will save a lot of money because this mulch, once the bottom has told us, that's the gold of the Texas hill country. Without that you cannot really restore nature and if you would buy all the mulch you would spend a lot of money.