Eating Organic Spinach

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Eating organic spinach can be extremely healthy depending on your methods of food preparation. Learn a few healthy tips for eating spinach from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright, now we're going to sit down and eat some spinach. First we're going to start off with a little lettuce because we don't want to eat just spinach. Course, I mentioned it before that, pound for pound, spinach has as much protein as meat does, so first we'll get a little bit of lettuce in here. Then we have our bag of spinach, which has been stored and should be in great shape. And we don't need a lot of this spinach because it is such a potent plant. We just want a little bit and, again, we're going to tear this up, make it easier to chew, get it in the salad and some spinach. And we like to get some, a few herbs in here. So we're going to put a little herbs, make it taste even better. So we got the spinach, the lettuce, let me see what else we got. Oh yeah. We got some carrots that we want to put in our salad. Some celery, make it taste better, some little bit of broccoli down here. Then we're going to put some of our hemp seed in there for protein. Some bee pollen, which is high in ingredients which has a lot of brain food in it, for our brain. A little Himalayan salts, which are, have eighty four minerals, great for the body. And last, but not least, our good salad dressing. Pour it in here and the salads ready. Enjoy!