How to Put Sham Pillows on the Bed

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Learn how to put the sham pillows when you make a bed using expert tips in this free video on household chores. View Video Transcript

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Hi! My name is Leslie Moselle and I'm from Tampa, Florida, and on behalf of Expert Village, this is how to make a bed. For our next step, we're going to do decorative shams. The majority of the time, your decorative sham is going to match exactly to your comforter. I don't usually see any shams that don't match, but if you like that look, you can probably find shams in a solid color and do it for what you prefer. In this case, our king size bed has the matching sham, which is also a king size sham. There is a difference in the pillow sizes. You will find king size pillows, they're longer in length, and the matching king size shams. The way shams work is there's usually a slit in the middle, a little pocket that you start with. One end of your pillow and you work it as far in to one side of your pillow, matching the corners of the pillow to the corner of the sham. Flip it around and you have half of the pillow left. You just have to shove the other side of the pillow into the other side of the sham making sure the points match. You have your little pocket. You flatten it out, pull on the ends just to make sure, and there you go. You have your sham. You put one in front of your other pillows that you have already set up. You put the other one there. Usually what I like to do, depending on what you have, is lay these pillows down flat. That way your shams can be up right, because you want them to be up right, standing up faced to the rest of the bed. You can lean your other decorative pillows on top. Those are your shams.