How to Put a Mattress Pad on the Bed

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Learn how to put a mattress pad on the bed when you make a bed using expert tips in this free video on household chores. View Video Transcript

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Hi! My name is Leslie Moselle and I'm from Tampa, Florida, and on behalf of Expert Village, this is how to make a bed. Once you've prepared your mattress and you're ready to put on your padding. Not everyone like to use padding on their bed. Some mattresses are more comfortable than others. In this case, just for demonstration purposes, we have a twin size mattress. It is an older mattress. So if you're going to have guests sleeping on your twin size mattress, you don't want them to stay too long, but you do want it to be at least comfortable for the time that they are here. You can purchase egg carton padding. That's what they call it. Egg carton padding in the size of your twin size mattress. To help hold that in place, they now sell mattress covers that actually have padding in them. It's a nice little way to make your mattress a little more comfortable. It is made like a fitted sheet to just put right over all 4 sides of your mattress, and this one fits perfectly to this twin size bed. Once you have put it on all 4 sides of your bed, it holds your egg carton padding in place and makes your bed all that much more comfortable.