How to Cure Athlete's Foot

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Now, I'm going to show you a natural way of how to get rid of athlete's foot. What we need for that is thyme and usually it's better to use cotton socks, not a nylon or anything like that. What we do is basically we take two to three leaves of the thyme. We're going to put the sock on the leg. Just put the sock on the leg and then you, from the bottom, you stretch it a little bit and you put the thyme leaves inside underneath your foot. You don't feel it, you would think that it would bother you, it won't, because they are fresh leaves and actually by stepping on them you squeeze them and they become very thin and you don't feel it, it shouldn't and it doesn't from experience it doesn't bother you. You just put the leaves inside and you go, you walk with it the whole day until of course you, in the afternoon or night when you take a shower you take the sock off and then the next morning you do it again and again until the athlete's foot goes away. Usually after you get rid of the athlete's foot then you want to use some powder to keep the place dry so you won't get it again but still, if you get it again you use it over and over again and it's a natural way plus it's a very helpful tip. Now I showed you how to get rid of athlete's foot by a natural way, with fresh thyme leaves.