How to Put Flat Sheets on Beds

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Hi! My name is Leslie Moselle and I'm from Tampa, Florida, and on behalf of Expert Village, this is how to make a bed. After you've put on your fitted sheet, next goes the top sheet, or the flat sheet depending on what you want to call it. You want to just lay the flat sheet over your mattress. Try to make it even as possible on both sides. That way you get a nice look. What I like to do as you see in the hotels really fancy. Once you've had it flat over the entire bed, you can just tuck in the sides of your flat sheet all the way around. You want to stop until you get to this point. You can be really creative with your sheet. You can either just fold it once. You can fold it back again just like that. Once you're done, you flip that part right underneath and you have a nice secure look for the day until you're ready to go to sleep, and then you can untuck the rest of your flat sheet. That's how you put it on and that's the way it looks.