How to Fix a Dust Ruffle

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Learn how to fix the dust ruffle when you make a bed using expert tips in this free video on household chores. View Video Transcript

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Hi! My name is Leslie Moselle and I'm from Tampa, Florida, and on behalf of Expert Village, this is how to make a bed. The first step in making a bed is to, if you prefer one, apply a bed skirt. For the purpose of our demonstration, our other bed did not have a bed skirt. We wanted to show you how to put one on, so we're going to use this daybed to show you how to put on a bed skirt. In most cases, there will be a bed frame that you'll be putting a bed skirt on top. The bed frame is underneath your mattress. You would take your mattress off the bed and you would put the bed skirt on. In this case, there are the springs because it is a daybed. Basically, on all bed skirts there will be a slit that you can put on each corner. This will help the bed skirt lay flat, and usually you have access to all 4 sides of your bed and this won't be as difficult. Basically, you just want to line up the line of your bed skirt to the edge of your bed frame and have the bed skirt hang down towards the floor. This is great if you use the bottom of your bed for storage. If you just want that nice framed look for your bed. For the daybeds like this, it's a little harder. You just have to kind of just shove that side of the bed skirt on the other side of the bed. Like I said, you'll usually have access to all 4 sides of your bed. That's how you put on a bed skirt. Basically, you just lay your mattress on top of the bed skirt and you're done.