How to Measure Honey

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Now we're going to see how to measure honey easily. As we all know honey is a very sticky ingredient. It's hard to measure it even with a spoon. Even when you're measuring it with a cup when you have to cook or for any other reason you want to measure honey. What we're going to do is use oil and we're going to make sure that is goes all over the measuring cup or whatever we want to measure. Put a little bit more. Whatever I'm not going to use, I'm just going to pour back into the oil bottle. This doesn't affect the taste of the honey or anything. It just makes it easier to measure, as you're going to see. I'm going to pour honey in, and now I'm going to take this cup and just pour it into the other cup. Now I'm going to show you what happened to the other cup, which wasn't oily; oiled before. What happens is it still comes smooth because the honey has oil around it, but it's not as smooth and it takes a little bit more time to pour it from cup to cup. Plus you have leftovers, as you can see here. Which make it a little bit more difficult.