How to Shine Silver

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Now, I'm going to show you how to shine silver. You can use silver cups, silver candelabra, rings, anything out of silver. Of course we have this special silver polishes but if you don't have one around the house. I'm sure you have toothpaste. You take some cotton and you put a little bit of toothpaste in and what you do is basically shine it. You can see them some of the tarnish has come out on the cotton. We'll put some more once it's very dirty. It's better to find another part of the cotton and to continue the polish. After we're done we are going to just wash it in water and dry it. Make sure that you dry it good and your going to see that it is nice and shiny. So, that's how we do an easy polishing of silver as you saw with the toothpaste and some cotton.