Removing Garlic Smells From Hands

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Learn how to easily remove garlic smells from your hands in this free video clip on homemaking tips. View Video Transcript

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Now I am going to show you how to take garlic smell out of your hands. Usually when we are dealing with garlic and bare hands either cutting it, grating it, any contact with garlic leaves us a very strong smell on our hands, which won?t get away with soap and it usually stays for a few hours until you get rid of it. But there is a very nice and easy tip that you can get rid of it right away. All you need is either, is a metal surface either the grater or a spoon and running water what you do is you open the water, you put where all the place that touch the garlic and you place it on the metal surface and you just kind of rub it against the metal under running water, just do it for a little bit, close the water. Dry your hands and there is no, i promise you, you can't see it but there is no garlic smell to my hands. So this is a very easy tip that you saw right now. How to take garlic smell out of your hands.