Packing Kitchen Dry Goods & Spices

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Herbs can be put away early when packing a kitchen. Learn other items to pack early in a kitchen with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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Still something else that I can live without for two weeks that's in my kitchen are some of my herbs that I don't use all of these. So I can pick out the ones that I use on a normal basis and then keep those out and go ahead and pack the others. As well as my teas and the oils. Those are all things that you can go ahead and pack a little, start packing a little earlier. In the same kind of category are dry goods that I never eat. Which you might ask why I have them? But I eat them at some point. But I don't need to eat them in the next two weeks. So I can go ahead and pack some of them as well. These dry goods, I'll probably go ahead and leave in these containers as opposed to putting them in bags or what not. Just because they are secure in here and I can just pack this whole container. Maybe wrap the whole container. Put a rubber band or tape around the top to make sure the tops don't come off. And, but those are all some things that I'm not going to need necessarily in the next two weeks but I want to take with me.