Tea, Spice & Oil Storage

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To store teas, spices and oils in your kitchen you may want to create a separate wall hanging unit. Learn how to organize and store tea, spices and oils in your kitchen with expert tips in this free home organization video. View Video Transcript

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So I use this unit that I put up right here, for my my spices and herbs and my teas and my oil and vinegars. And I don't, I don't organize, I know some people like to organize their spices alphabetically or do something like that. And anybodies kitchen that I've worked in, including my own, I don't do that just because it doesn't make sense to me, because I'm, I'm never going to keep it that way. And one of the biggest things about organizing something, to me is making it practical. So, so, unless you really like alphabetizing things, then I just suggest that you put the things you use the most in the front or on the bottom, where ever it's easiest for you to get to. So I have the spices that I use the most down here. And, and, and my honey and maple syrup I keep over here too. And, and then my teas, they mostly fit on this, this one shelf. And, I have this, this one on the end, so I can pull the bags out without have to, to pull out the whole box. And, and I keep the oils and vinegars that I don't use all that much up here. And then I have several over here, my olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette and then my salt and my pepper that I actually keep over next to my stove, because I use them a lot when I'm cooking and, and, and just when I'm, when I'm eating my meals, so I keep those out on, on the counter top.