How to Remove Dirty Spark Plugs from a Lawnmower

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Learn how to remove and change dirty spark plugs from your lawnmower in this free DIY video clip on lawn mower repair. View Video Transcript

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Hello this is Acton on behalf of Expert and today we are going to talk about how to remove and change out your dirty spark plug. Now the few things that you are going to need is a ratchet, a brand new clean correct spark plug for your model and then some different sized sockets to help remove your spark plug. So I am going to take this and remove the spark plug boot usually they twist off, some place out of my way and size it out and see which size works. I think this size will work for me. There we go. Remove your spark plug, inspect your dirty spark plug, check for carbon deposits, check to see if it is flooding and if it is wet check for bunt oil on it. If your spark plug is dirty and you just need to change it, just put in your new spark plug. This spark plug is already pre-gapped for this model of lawnmower. So if you have any questions about what your spark plug gap should be, simply look in your owner’s manual or go to your local small engine repair shop and they will help you out. So re-thread it in at the correct angle, finger tight, and tighten it just a little bit more with your ratchet and put back on your spark plug boot, make sure it is on tight and you are set to go.