How to Change the Air Filter on a Lawnmower

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Learn how to change and clean a dirty air filter in a lawn mower without destroying it during routine lawn mower maintenance in this free DIY video clip on how to clean lawnmowers. View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name is Acton on behalf of Expert and today we are going to talk about how to recognize a dirty air filter and change your dirty filter. So most lawnmowers have an air filter. Mine here has a dry filament air filter. Now let’s say it has been sitting all season or I have been using it all season and it dies on me. Well this is the number one killer of lawnmowers, a dirty air filter. So what you want to do is come over here, simply twist and remove your air filter, take it out of the casing here and simply inspect it. Looking for dirt and little cotton balls here, looking to see if the elements inside are even. The easiest way to clean these is to take it over here and just tap out the dirt. Now you don’t want to whack it too hard that you dent it anything like that. Just simply shake out the dust and the dirt. Put it back in its little container. Now air filters can get super dirty as you can see by this one as it has all this dust in between the filament. This one you would more than likely want to replace. You can get these at any local hardware store or small engine repair shop. Just bring it in, show them what you got and they will help you find a new one. In the meantime, toss this away and you should be ready to go.