How to Recognize Stale Fuel in a Lawnmower

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Learn how to recognize stale fuel in your lawnmower tank in this free DIY video clip on lawn mower repair and maintenance. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Acton on behalf of Expert and today we are going to talk about how to recognize stale fuel. Fuel only has a life of about three or four weeks after you pump it from the gas tank. So if you leave your lawnmower sitting with gas in it from last season, more than likely your gas has gone bad and is in fact stale. So the easiest way to recognize whether not it is stale fuel is to take a whiff. So you want to come over and take a little whiff not too big because you do not want to fall over from the fumes. If it smells like gas, fresh gas, you are good to go. However if it does not smell like gas or in fact it smells like varnish, more than likely your gas has gone bad and you need to remove it. So another way to do that also is just lightly dip your finger into it, take another whiff, it feels cool even more than likely your gas is still good. Like I said before though if it smells like nail polish remover or varnish your gas is bad and you need to remove it from your lawnmower.