How to Add Fresh Oil to a Lawnmower

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Learn how to add fresh oil into your lawnmower in this free DIY video on lawn mower maintenance. View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name is Acton on behalf of Expert We are going to talk about how to fill your lawnmower with fresh oil. As we reviewed we already drained the old dirty oil out of this unit and now we are going to put fresh clean oil in it. First of all that you want to do is get yourself some 30 weight oil, usually you can get some regular lawnmower engine oil as long as it is 30 weight and you are also going to need a funnel. First of all locate your oil fuel plug. On this unit it is right here. You want to loosen it up, remove the plug, set it aside, and grab your funnel and your oil. Now on this unit you are going to see some threads here top of the hole and you are going to want to fill it to the bottom of those threads in this hole. So take your time when you are filling it so you can keep your eye on it and start filling. Take a look and we are about half-way there. Now it is always always important to run your lawnmower with oil. If you don’t, you will damage your engine and when you take it into the repair shop, they are going to tell you straight up its broken, beyond repair or it is going to cost you too much to repair it, just buy a new one. We are about ¾ of the way there. On this unit, as long as you have it up to those threads you are doing well and don’t worry about overfilling it cause you can just wipe it up. Just like that. Now you definitely want to check your oil every season or if you are using your lawnmower a lot more, check it like every 100 hours. Very important to keep your engine clean with clean oil. Keeps it running smooth and you will spend less time at the repair shop.