How to Prepare Faucets for Winter & Cold Weather

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Indoor and outdoor faucets need special care before cold weather hits to ensure they aren't damaged. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Arnesia Frances from Bell Nursery in Burtonville, MD for Expert Village. We are going to help you get your garden ready for the Winter. This is probably going to be the last time that I water out here because it is really starting to get cold and we have to turn off the water faucet. Now these outside faucets should be turned off at the main water source so that your pipes don't freeze during the Winter. The first step is to locate the main water shutoff valves for the outdoor spickets. You can usually find them wherever your utilities are located. Sometimes it is mounted on the interior side of the house where the outdoor water meter is located. Although the yellow shut off handle looks just like this main shutoff for the house, the outdoor shutoff's are smaller and sometimes clearly marked. To close it simply pull the lever down or up about 90 degrees. Now go outside, remove the hose from the spicket and open the valve as if you were turning it on. Don't worry if nothing happens. Very little if any water should come out and that's good. It means there is no water in this pipe that could freeze during the Winter and cause lots of expensive problems.