Using a Tire Pressure Gauge for Small-Tractor Tires

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Tractor tire pressure should be checked weekly at least. Learn how to use a tire pressure gauge to check the pressure in tractor tires in this free video on tractor operation. View Video Transcript

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The first thing you want to do is a tire pressure check. And I've got my handy pressure gauge, I may not do this every single time I run the tractor. But once a week at least. Every time you want to walk around and give them a kick and check, but at least once a week you want to give them a quick check. Now the pressure will vary depending upon the size of the tires on your tractor. In this particular case we only want to run about fifteen psi in it, it just barely registers on this gauge. It's typical that you run a much lower pressure on tractor tires than you do on car tires. The reason this is important is because you can get in a situation on a tractor, where you have an implement in the air, and we're about thirty psi on this front tire. And that's exactly what I want to see on this size of tire. I was saying that's important, because any thing that alters the balance of the tractor can be a potential safety problem. You get an implement up in the air, one tire is much lower than it normally is, you're on a slope, and that can create the chance of an overturn.