How to Remove Gas from Lawnmower

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Learn how to properly remove gas from your lawnmower in this free DIY video clip on lawn mower repair. View Video Transcript

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Today I'm going to show you another way to remove a stale fuel from out of your gas tank. Now if you have like a gas lawnmower such as this one, it's super easy. As you can see down here you have your carburetor, your fuel line and your gas tank. So what you want to come do, take a pair of pliers and grab this clip right here with both hands, push them together. Here you go and slide it down your fuel line. Now what you want to do is you got to be kind of quick and you're going to make a little bit of a mess if you're not careful, is slowly ease your fuel line off the little teeth here. Have your finger ready because it's going to come out, put your finger over it. Now this gas tank is held on by some rubber melting, right here and you wiggle it just like that and there we go. Now, you can actually tip it now so that you don't get gas all over your pants. Take your fuel tank and just zip it, pour it into your waiting gas tank, by the time it's empty, it'll be super easy to put back on. Just dump all that out, a little bit more, try not to spill it all over the place, alright it's empty. See as you can see it's held on by the little notch here, slide it back on like that. Take your fuel line, ease it back onto the tube, take your pliers, grasp the bracket on either side and slide it back on and you're set to put in fresh gas to make your lawnmower run. On a side note make sure you do not dump your gas anywhere else but recommended dumping areas or if you have questions about where you can take your stale fuel, just take it to your local automotive shop or your small engine repair shop and either for free or a small fee they will dispose of it for you.