How to Change the Oil in a Lawnmower

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Learn how to how to drain and change the oil in your lawnmower in this free DIY video clip on lawn mower maintenance. View Video Transcript

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Hello, this is Acton Seibel on behalf of Expert and today we are going to talk about how to drain your oil. On this model you want to tip your lawnmower back as far as it will go or as far and safe you feel it will go and locate your oil plug or drain hole. So on this model the oil plug is right here and our drain hole is right there; right next to the blade. So the things that you are going to need is some ratchets with appropriate size sockets on them, an oil pan and some regular lawnmower engine oil or SAE-30 weight oil. Super easy. So get your oil pan and your oil plug and what we are going to do is loosen our oil plug. Just loosen it and slowly remove it with your finger tips. There you go. Now it is going to take a couple of minutes to drain completely. Don’t worry about getting all of the oil out because it is not all going to come out. You are still going to have a little bit of oil in there but that is okay. So once you feel like it is drained as much as it is going to drain, just put that back in, tighten it finger tight, take your ratchet and tighten it a little bit more. While there is no reason for you to jam on it or like tighten it to ridiculous portions because it is a plastic bolt and you don’t want to like strip your threads moving the bolt itself; like I said before it is plastic. Just make sure that it is tight enough and it will not vibrate off when you are running it.