Cost of Installing Sprinkler Systems

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The cost of installing a sprinkler system can range from as little as $50 to as much as $300, depending on how elaborate the system is. Weigh the options for sprinkler systems with information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardens. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about the cost of installing a sprinkler system. So we have a beautiful garden and we spend our evenings watering it and we realize that we are spending a lot f time watering. So we want to install a sprinkler system but there is so much information out there and how do I figure out a budget and what do I need to know to install a sprinkler system? Well it's pretty simple. You have to decide if you want to spend just a little bit of money and if you want to do a lot of the work yourself, or if you want to hire out a contractor or a landscaper to install it and it's a lot more expensive to have underground sprinkler systems as opposed to sprinkler systems that are above ground that are basically just hoses or rolling systems and then you have got to consider the most important factor is your water pressure. If you only have a little bit of water pressure it is really hard to support a large sprinkler system because you are going to have enough water pressure to supply the whole system with water and so the pressure has go to go from one sprinkler to the other sprinkler to the other sprinkler so you need to know what your water pressure is and an easy way to figure out how much money you can spend or how much it costs is to realize that you can do a lot of it yourself. You can actually dig the trenches and get the pipes and try to put it together and you can also get bids and so I always recommend if you are planning to work with a landscaper to get three bids and just explain what you would like and have them draw a plan and give you a price beforehand because if you have them to start working a lot of times you have a lot of additional expenses that you didn't anticipate and you want to make sure to protect yourself form that. So you can get a basic system for as little as $50 which is just a hose with sprinklers and you can water your whole garden that way or you can go up to $100 to $300 and have a little more elaborate system with above ground beds and you can use drip lines so just hoses with drip systems, just little holes all over and in over a few hundred bucks you can pretty much get a nice drip system or you can spend thousands of dollars and have an underground automatic system that's on a timer. So you can do a lot of the work yourself. So just go to your local home center or talk to a local landscaper and make a plan and you can have a nice sprinkler system installed.