Planting Spring Gardens: Seeding Spinach

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When planting spinach for a spring garden, add mulch to increase chances of germination. Seed spinach for a garden with tips in this free video on gardening and farming from a professional organic gardener. View Video Transcript

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So here we have a row of spinach that was seeded in the fall, that really didn't do very much. We have maybe 20 percent survival, a spotty little row of spinach. We can dig it up, start over again, or we can try to lay down some more seed, and augment the spinach crop by adding some more seedlings. Now you can see that this is a baked and parched, and unprotected bed, and if we just sprinkle the seeds onto this baring surface, there's no way they're going to germinate. However, if we lay down a nice track of this beautiful fluffy mulch, nice and even, all over the bed, what we do is, we create a catchment for the seed. So now when I sprinkle my seed down, those seeds are going to get caught in the web of fibrous mulch there. And if we do a little watering, a little areal or wand watering, we might just have some satisfactory spinach germination after all. Now notice how I broadcast the seed, attempting to make it as even as possible throughout the whole bed area. And these are really high quality seeds. And I would not be surprised to see them coming up right after our next rain.