How to Choose Wood Furniture

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Different types of wood have different visual qualities and durabilities. Find out how to choose the right type of wood for your home furniture in this free video. View Video Transcript

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One of the importances of selecting wood for your project would be, first most, you might want a look, a certain kind of look in your home and you may want to have something, maybe, in an eighteenth century style so you're going to end up going with mahogany's, and walnuts, and maybe even cherry's, things like that. Curly maple's, that type of thing to adorn your home the way you want to have it done. And if you do things, like, let's say you wanted a more modern style of furniture, you might go with the maple's, the lighter woods, curly maple's, that kind of thing that would give you a nice look for those kind of lighter lines that you might want to have for your home. All the woods are very durable. The only one that I would say is the least durable would be your pines, or softer woods, only because they're easier to ding. Cherry is extremely hard. Probably harder than any of the woods. But it depends on where you're going to use, what you're going to use it for, what rooms you're going to use it, what kind of style your house is. If you're going to use it out on a boat then you're going to be thinking about stuff like teaks and mahogany's, you're going to want something that's impervious to rot. You don't want wood that would quickly rot with you out in the salt. So I would tend to go with the teak's or go with mahogany's when I was doing anything that had to be near water. Gates, like outdoor gates, things like that, I would use mahogany on gates that we've built for like the Cornwallis house downtown, we built all their exterior gates. Even though they were painted, we built them out of mahogany, because we didn't want them to rot. And then you can use a wood treatment on there that will also keep that wood impervious to your water