Buying Home Furniture: Headboards

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Match the headboard with the size of your bed: king, queen, full or twin. Learn how to pick a headboard for a bed when buying furniture for the home in this free video. View Video Transcript

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When you're also looking to buy the bedroom. Look to the size that you need as we talked about before about size. The headboard, you can run a bed with a headboard. Headboard could be small, it could be a very tall headboard, but this one here is not a very tall headboard. Design the size you need, queen size, king size, full size, twin size. There's four different sizes. When you know what you're looking for in the size of that, now you can get your mattress, decide on your mattress. On the foot of the bed also, you can actually, now there's something new is they have a foot piece also here. Where you can sit on the front of this here to tie your shoes in your bedroom. If you have the space it's a very great piece. With these foot pieces also they carry drawers. Also, that are designed again to put a lot of your whites, your socks. The most important thing with the bedroom is again knowing what you need to use. Space, how much clothes you need to put away, but the most important thing is space.