Oil-Based or Water-Based Wood Stain?

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Water-based stains don't smell as strongly, easier to clean up. Learn which type of wood stain you should use in this free woodworking and wood project series from an expert carpenter. View Video Transcript

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In this clip we're going to look at how some of the different types of stains go onto a piece of wood. We'll take a look at the, at the oil based stains as well as the water based stains. Now, when you stain a piece of wood, you're going to make a mess. Just be aware of that and be prepared for that. A lot of people like to wear gloves, protective gloves, rubber gloves and that's fine. But, just make sure that your work surface is covered with something that will protect it if it's, it you're worried about getting stain on it. Because it will get everywhere. Obviously an oil base stain you're going to need something like Turpentine, or Mineral Spirits in order to clean up. But water based stain is just what it says. You can use soap and water to clean up. Some people prefer the low vapor of a water based stain, it doesn't smell as strongly, and if you have any sort of respiratory condition you certainly want to give serious thought to using a water based stain.