Organic Lettuce & Weather Conditions

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It's important to plant your organic lettuce seeds after the frost. Learn to coordinate your seed planting with proper weather conditions from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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We're talking about the frost. We want to make sure that we put these seeds in after it has frosted. If--And we also want to watch the weather, so if we know it's going to rain, we want to make sure that we plant these seeds a couple--a day before it rains so that we don't have to be out here watering all the time. These seeds, if they're...if you observe the weather, then you can take advantage of the rains, and these seeds, after you plant them, should come up to three or four days after you plant them, and that's why you want to coordinate it with the weather so that the rain soaks them in and they can have a good chance of a strong germination. And therefore the weather is very important in this growing of the lettuce.