Laundry Tips: Folding Environment

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After doing laundry, fold clothes by sitting in front of the TV or listening to music to create a fun environment. Fold clothes with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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Welcome back, it's James. So now we're going to talk about preparing yourself to fold. So, once the clothes are out of the drier and you've checked that they are all dry--if they're not, put them back in and turn the knob back on. You bring them back out of your hamper like so, and then you make sure you are in front of the TV, or that you have some good music playing, and you have your coffee or your tea or whatever you want, because everyone has to fold. It takes time. And just make sure you're in a good mindset because you've got a whole hamper of stuff to go through. I had this awesome teacher in high school who taught me US history, and she had a list that she would pass out at the beginning of each year, which was, Mrs. so and so was her name, she said movies to fold laundry by. And she had four pages of her favorite movies that she--apparently she would just at night go home and fold laundry and watch movies. And I thought that was awesome. Put yourself in a good mindset to fold your clothes.