Hand Tools for A Wrought Iron Fence

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Using Hand Tools on wrought iron fences such as a hand rule, a square, two kinds of carpenter squares, a grinder, a portable band saw, a jigsaw and different kinds of clamps in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Terry, and I'm here to tell you today about building a wrought iron fence. Now we're going to talk about some of the basic tools that we have to use when we're building a fence or a gate. It's always good to get like a three foot rule. You can pick it up at your local hardware store because you have to lay out the placement of your picketts equally. That always comes in handy. A square is always good to have. This is a smaller square so that it fits in between the picketts. You probably want to have a couple of squares, a large carpenter square, and a small carpenter square, they'll help you. Grinders, you need a grinder to finish off any high welds you might have, or you know, you will need it also to clean up all the be be's that they welders use, so that you'll have a smooth finish whether you want to paint it or rust it, or leave it natural. Another good thing to have is a portable band saw. This one is electric and has a cord. They do have them now that are cordless, which are great. But anyways, as long as you have a saw you can cut out a pickett that you've missed or that you've messed up. You know, just some basic tools. I have, this is a jigsaw, it's ran on air. We put a file in it to file the be be's off. It's a lot quicker and you just go down here and then. Of course you need a bald ping hammer for clamps whether it be a C clamp. C clamps are a good thing to have, or the vice clamps. Vice clamps are quick release, a little faster than C clamps, but they don't hold near quite as much. But, C clamps are good to have, a good bald ping hammer, and basically that's about it. If you know, unless you find another tool that makes your life a little bit easier.