Laundry Tips: Folding Basics

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After doing laundry, fold shirts by laying them on a flat surface folding the sleeves inward. Fold clothes with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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What's up, it's James. Alright now we're going to go into the actual folding. I just want to point out like there's a bunch of different ways to fold your clothes; I've got like my own specific style obviously because I'm O.C.D. If you're traveling just know that like your space is so valuable in your trunk and there's different ways to fold your clothes that will create more space. So like when I went backpacking in Costa Rica I just had a small backpack with me for five weeks and my style was I'd get it like this, and then I'd sit and just wrap it up super tight. I do this with everything I had and then suddenly your shirt is condensed down to like that size, and you can put them all next to each other in your pack and what not. But I mean obviously if it's, if it's something that's going to get super wrinkled and look bad, and you care about that then you're going to have to figure something else out. But I just want to take through basically folding up a shirt so it goes back into your, gets put back into your, your closet and stays there, and looks nice. Lay out, I like to lay out, like put the design facing down then flatten it out and then I'll fold one side in right here then the other shirt, the other arm in and then I will go half way. God I way don't know about this, wow. So I go half way like that, actually I go, I come up like third of the way and I come back, and cross back over right there; the other third and then fold it like that. And that's how I like to have my t-shirts. And then if you got, I got a long t-shirt right here I'll show you real quick. Once again lay out and then I'll take these long sleeves just kind of like run then down the side like that, do with the other one and then once again fold inside, fold inside and then like so and you're good to go. We'll go into, do some other, show you how to like pants and socks next but I basically just wanted to say that like the whole point of it is to just to get your clothes like flat, and spread out so they don't wrinkle up. So I mean whatever style you do it up like you'll find your own.