Fixing the Gate Hinge: Wood Fence Repair & Maintenance Tips for Home Improvement

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Learn how to fix the gate hinge of your wood fence in this free home improvement repair and maintenance video. View Video Transcript

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Now our next step is going to be repairing the hinge so the gate doesn't sag. Over time bolts might rust. Your wood might get a little rotten. Whatever your gate would start to sag and so just a little bit of lift is all we need to bring it back to the right height to follow that line and make it straight again. It also prevents it from dragging on the ground. Normally with most gates you just use a standard socket wrench and you know socket just like that. Set up to the loosen thing by turning this little knob on the back. In this case this is a little bit older gate with square bolts so this won't work. So we are going to use this right here. A cresting wrench. Adjustable you just spin this down to make it open up or spin it up to make it close tighter and you just hold it next to it. Figure out what size you need to be. Tighten down on there and then you want to spin to your left counterclockwise to loosen a bolt. So we got our bolt out of the gate. We only need to take that one bolt out because now we could lift the gate up or down and it would just pivot on this bolt right here. So what we have done we have taken our scrap 2x4 that is left over and we wedged it underneath the handle set of the gate so it is in line with the other part of the fence right here. To keep the gate straight. Now what you want to do is fine yourself a nice long bolt to insure the strength or it and you can find your self a drill bit that is a little bit smaller then your bolt to drill a pilot hole. So anytime you buy a drill bit the measurement is going to be etch right in the middle part there. This is a 5/16 bit. So once you have your tow bits and bolts you are going to want your drill and again your are going to need your safety goggles. So since we are already wedged underneath there we have the correct height you just want to drill your pilot hole. To give this a little bit more lift to make sure that it doesn't sink again we are going to drill a little bit at a angle. Not to much but enough that we are making a new hole for the new bolt. So to kind of get yourself started and then the drill would do the rest of the work. Just like that simple as that. You might want to run through a few times. Just to clean out any dust or wood particles that might still be in there. Now with your bolt you can put in finger and give it a few spins but then you are going to need the socket that we were talking about earlier. Since we are using a new bolt we got a it is called a hex bolt. Its got 6 sides and take your standard socket wrench. Put it on and you just start twisting and of course twist it to it is completely tight and once it is completely tight take out your wedge and it follows right your gate would be the same height as the fence beside it.