Tips for Ironing Fitted Sheets

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Hi I'm Joyce Danielson with Expert Village. Now ironing sheets are tricky, especially fitted sheets. Because of the size of them you are probably going to want to fold this little puppy in half and then you are ever so gently; start off with a warm iron. Most of these are going to want a lot of steam to get all these nice wrinkles out so they are nice and crisp for when you put them out on the bed and I know you're going to think oh well you iron sheets but you know what, a lot of us do. So just go up to the corner, this is a fitted sheet and most of you ladies will know what I'm talking about, the pockets are fitted to go over the mattress. You just fold it in half and if you get stubborn wrinkles you can always just add a little bit of water there and just iron it out.