Cost of Staining Furniture

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Save money get a great piece of furniture. Learn how to budget your furniture staining project in this free woodworking lesson from an experienced furniture maker. View Video Transcript

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O.k. in this next clip, I'm going to tell you about cost and where to find your materials. O.k. we were able to get this off the internet, on a, you know, if you go in the internet you type in stuff, you Google stuff, you're going to see, you might be able to get it fine. This is usually two hundred and eighty bucks at a department store that we saw, where one of the outlets, the furniture outlets and we were able to honestly get it for fifty bucks. We had to travel there, it was another ten bucks for the, you know, the traveling cost, but all in all it was still, you know, a great find at sixty bucks. And, then we bought our material for thirty five dollars. We got everything that we needed at a local department store, local hardware store, excuse me. And, we were able to do this weekend project. If you get your kids involved now, it's even that much easier. We were able to get a fairly cheap thing and now it looks great. It's old, it looks the way we want it. So, we're going to put it back together, that's the next step. Put all your hinges, put all your doors back on and start the clean up.